Sunday, December 13, 2009

Crave this...

Crepe Ragoon-with fresh king crab, white shrimp and sea scallops/honey ginger asian sauce

Dining/Lounge Area

The Bar

The Sushi Bar

Sorry for the absence, but I'm back. Yesterday (12/12) was my birthday and my lovely hubby took me out to dinner. I of course, wanted to share my evening with you guys.
We went to a restaurant+sushi bar+lounge called CRAVE. Its located in Dearborn at the corner of Mason St. (22075 Michigan Ave, 48124).
What I liked about this place was the decor and the cozy feel, its definitely a romantic place, the dim lighting attributed to that. The drinks were very good, we could actually taste the liquor. I order a specialty drink mostly, when I go out and that let's me know if they have a "real" bartender. He passed the test!
Now, let me rate the entire experience for you. Giving them a 5 Score, let do our subtractions.

-1. The wait staff bordered on attentive to obsessive.
(There were just a few people there so maybe that's why we were asked every 10 mins., if everything was ok).

-1. They had a sign-outside that stated "Half-Off Drinks. NOT SO

(We thought it was a "Holiday" thing, it was false advertisement. However, that's not the reason we went, but you couldn't help but see the sign. We were told it was mistakenly left out there).

-1. It was my birthday and my hubby let them know and asked if they do anything for "Birthday" people. The answer was NO.
(No cake, no candle(s), No drink, no fan-its asian inspired, NOTHING).

So, in the end I give them a 2 (that's 5 minus 3). They left us CRAVELESS!!

Would I recommend this place? Not really. The ambiance and good drinks just aren't enough to hold any one's attention. We "had" decided to have dinner there, but once we took everything into account, we decided to travel on over to The Roast. Sorry, I ran out of camera space, but were going back very soon. OMG, that place was awesome & the food was Delicious!!
Until next time...thank you all for reading my blog.
Happy Holidays!!

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