Thursday, January 27, 2011

Slow Pace For The Game

As for the episode of "The Game" (sitcom) this week...I don't know. I still think the show is missing something. It has an empty feeling, a hollowed effect. I'm still looking for those "laugh tracks". I also need the story lines to pick-up a little bit.

I'm glad that Derwin and Melanie, got over/moved on from the "DNA" issue with his son. I'm sure they will have to go back to this story line eventually. Janea is not going to let that go-trust me.

Malik is on a downward spiral. I think he needs to hit rock bottom so that he can realize how cocky he's become and the harsh way he treats people. He needs to be by himself for awhile.....Just sayin. After that, he can rebuild himself.

Nothing really interesting happened with Tasha or Kelly's characters this week.

Now as far as BET going in the direction that looking up to a video girl is just as good as looking up to a doctor...they lost me with that one. Stating that no matter how you get to the top, just as long as you get there...once again they lost me with that one. If you sleep with bob, steal, robb & kill to get to the top, then YES, it does matter. Looking up to a doctor is not compariable to a "video chick".


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