Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cynthia Bailey Gets Glam For Wedding

ESSENCE mag grabbed the first look at Cynthia and Peter's wedding photo. Cynthia donned a very non-traditional stunning silvery gown with a neck wrap and bow. While Peter looked dapper in his light gray tux. But it was a long road for the couple to get there. The photo appears in the current issue of ESSENCE, and more pics of the couple's wedding will be on the site February 2nd.

On last week's episode, Peter popped off about shutting down his Uptown restaurant without letting Cynthia know, causing the couple to be strapped for cash. Cynthia still wants her $10K back she loaned him for the venture, and is upset her wedding is at risk. Viewers thought it was shockng how Peter's temper gets the best of him often, and Cynthia seems to let him get away with it. By the way, Peter reportedly used to date Nia Long-Just FYI.

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Carnita said...

I like Cynthia and Peter. He seems to be the only “Manly-Man” on the show and they seem to be very genuine. People have to realize that Peter is a Jamaican man and from what I know, they tend to be very protective, possessive (not always in a bad way), and passionate men. I think him being open to counseling said a lot about his character and/or his willingness to work his issues out with Cynthia because most black me I know are not be open to that. They act as if someone asked them to slit their own wrist if counseling is mentioned. We also have to remember, that the show is edited and the finished product can be shown anyway light they want. Personally, I don’t want a man I can run over and tell what to do. I want a man who is strong enough to be a man but is gentle enough to be flexible when it comes to me, but to each his/her own.