Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pure Ice-Taupe Drawer

I'm so excited to show this post!! This is one of the new purchased polishes from last week. I never tried this brand before and was a little nervous. I am thrilled to say that this polish/color came out beautiful. Its just what I was looking for. It has a little purple with a hint of grey. This polish goes on a little thin but still only needs two coats. I am now on the look-out for more Pure Ice polishes.
*This is Pure Ice-Taupe Drawer*


rmcandlelight said...

It's very pretty!! Haven't used it yet. I have several pure ice polishes they are wonderful and at the right price :D

Polished Girl said...

Yes rm, the price can not be beat!
Love it!

ABOP said...

Yup, have this one (in both versions). And the price is super.

rmcandlelight said...

The nerve of me talking about too much cuticle oil. lol!! ((hugs))

Darlene said...

This is really pretty! I have two Pure Ice polishes that I love, I just got Purple Reign and I already had Iced Merlot and they are both lovely. I will have to purchase Taupe Drawer when I get go back to Walmart.;

Polished Girl said...

@Abop-so true

@rm-too funny!

@Darlene-I've gotta look for the colors you mentioned. Im so glad the taupe drawer came out so nice and the polish brush was nice also. Im going to go and load up on Pure Ice polishes now. The price point is awesome!