Saturday, July 3, 2010

OPI-Dont Be Koi With Me

This is a really nice orange color. I don't know if the complextion of my client is the best for this polish, but you must give what they ask for. Anywho, OPI-Don't Be Koi With Me is a nice creamy bright orange polish that with top coat, really has a nice burst of shine. One thing about this polish though, is that it tends to thicken-up on you, so I suggest no fan(s) blowing. You also may want to polish fast to let too much air in (the bottle). However, you can always thin out the polish with polish thinner.


rmcandlelight said...

It looks pretty on her. Would have been even better with your designs :)

Polished Girl said...

I can agree with you on this one. I think she needed designs to wake it up a bit.