Friday, October 9, 2009

Tamika the Stylista...

I know, I know, some people are not interested in Tamika Foster-Raymond (Usher's soon-to-be ex-wife). But I'm going keep a small eye open toward her. For those that do not know, Tamika is a stylist and she was originally Usher's stylist (that's how they met and became close). Although she's going through divorce proceedings now, she's kept herself together and is still looking well and stylish. Hermes bag, Straight leg slacks and black & white blouse. She on trend, that's for sure (Black & White). Tamika is in works for her own reality show. Its supposed to be about her as a divorcee, making a "New' life for herself, starting her own fashion line and moving on with life. Regardless to how others feel about her, I look forward to viewing the show. She's still a stylist...bottom line!

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