Friday, October 9, 2009

40 is the new 20...

Halle Berry!!!! What else can I say? She is putting us "Young" gals to shame. I almost hate to admit this folks but I'm younger than her and I don't look nearly as toned, yeech! Halle is an example to all women, that you can not only have a child, a gorgeous man and a career (throw money in there too) but yet Still look great! I love that she went back to her short cut, I have always thought that it gives her that edgy look. Halle is ALWAYS dressed/styled perfectly. Pic 1&2-she's on trend with a black mini dress and thigh high boots. Pic 3-she makes a regular tank and jeans look like a huge style statement. After looking at these pictures, I have decided to not only continue with my gyn membership but to also "Go" to the gym. Ha!

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