Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's Really Going On?

Omarion called into the Funkmaster Flex radio show late last night & stated that he did not release or approve of any press release that confirms that he was/is bisexual.

Yesterday numerous websites & even other radio personalities were reporting the a woman (most likely someone fictitious) by the name of Sharon Wright, acting as Omarion's publicist had released the following statement:

"I'm not at all what certain ex band members are trying to paint me as, however; I am a respectable, mature, proud bisexual man."

Omarion tells Flex "I did not release that statement. Whatever people like is their business, but I'm not gay or bisexual. I love women, that's just what it is..." the singer then suggests people (most likely blogger's & people who RT on twitter) check their facts. "People have to start doing their research a little bit more, especially with stars & celebrities. You can't believe everything you hear."

*Side Eye*

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