Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Game-Week 2

As I stated in a previous post....I will update you guys on The Game (sitcom) weekly.

To me, it was a little dry this week. I think they may need to add some laugh tracks or something??? I noticed a lot of dead air, although the material wasn't funny, a laugh track may have got me to smile. I desperately hope they pull it together next week!

What I did not like about The Game (this week):
1. The topless scene with Tasha, Melanie and Kelly was ridiculous! On what day and for what reason would three girlfriends carry on a full conversation, while topless (excluding a nudist resort).
2. Jason putting all the guys (Derwin & Malik) business out there in the streets was foul. Most men won't disrespect the "manhood" and go there. However, that is Jason's character
3. Derwin smashing his already "injured" hand into that wall again! Why the "injured" hand... no ouch?
4. Melanie "HOLDING" onto pertinent information & running it down to him ever so quickly when she saw Jenea. Remember, she held it for two days.

What I liked about The Game (this week):
1. Chris Webber is looking real nice :-)
2. Jenea getting her own DNA test-prove it girl. Maury who???
3. Tasha and Kelly rekindling their friendship-thats what real friends do-forgive!
4. Derwin mentioning praying....not just praying but praying over everything and stressing the fact that they need to attend church together! Loves that!!!
5. Derwin taking the wheel and telling Melanie to get in the passenger seat. Because her driving is causing accidents.

*Holding my breath for next week*


Carnita said...

I feel the same way, they def need to step their game up (no pun intended). I didn't get the topless scene or maybe I wasn't paying attention prior to them being topless. Oh, I heard the chunky shoe sounds when I re-watched last weeks episode and they were LOUD as you stated.

Polished Girl said...

@Carnita-Yes, it was a little drab this week. But I'm pulling for The Game! LOL...I told you her shoes were "clacking".

They were topless because the reality show camera's were following Kelly, and Melanie didn't want them taping in her house. The camera man told them they only stop taping "for nudity". That's how they ended up topless. Bad story line!