Thursday, January 20, 2011

Detroit Criminal Update

An arrest has been made for a man alleged to be connected to the series of rapes that took place earlier this month on Detroit's eastside. Wednesday afternoon, police picked up a 31-year-old man on Lansdowne St., located just blocks from where one of the seven attacks took place.

Montia Tyus, the suspect's live-in girlfriend, said she was shocked to see police pull up, begin raiding their home and then take her boyfriend away:

"It's crazy," Tyus said. "I can't believe he did it - if he did do it."

She said he would often disappear at night and use the excuse that he was going to the club. Family members and neighbors, alike, are just as surprised and cannot believe the suspect committed the assaults.

It is being reported that forensic evidence and more than 200 tips led police to the suspect, who is on parole after serving 14 years for an assault crime with intent to murder.

Beginning Jan.1, seven rapes - all located in close proximity - were reported to Detroit police. The assaults took place between the hours of 7:40 p.m. and 6:15 a.m. The women ranged in ages from 17 to 33 years of age and were usually abducted near bus stops, then taken to an abandoned home where they were raped at gun point.

*Glad they caught him, if its proven to be him, because this was senseless & unneccessary on all accounts* Thank you to the community (my home town) for coming together and for the people that called in the tips. We need to come together more often!*

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