Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Very Deep

Ok, I can admit.....I was on Cuticle Oil OVERLOAD! Yeech, somethings you don't notice until you see the picture on paper (screen). I'm going to have to update this post with the name/color of this polish. I didn't write it down and I'm not at the salon as I'm uploading. I know it appears to be black polish, but its really a very deep blue, hence the blue nail art colors. 
*Nails Beautiqued-This would be a good color choice for your "Blue Monday" posts :-) *
*Update* OPI-Suzi Kis in the Pyrenees


rmcandlelight said...

That is a gorgeous blue. Let me know what is it and I'll see if I have it to post :D

Polished Girl said...

Sure will, I forgot to look today while at the salon. I'll make sure to get the name tomorrow. O and thank you :-)

Polished Girl said...

Hi Rm, I know it took me forever but this color is OPI-Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees