Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Buys 08/04

I have never purchsased Ulta Polishes before but these two I just had to get. They look so lovely in the bottle. I got the smaller sized bottles (cost less) just in case. The pink is Babydoll and the green is Limelight. The pictures don't do the colors any justice. I'll be loading my clients-up on these two this week.

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peripatetic33 said...

i got limelight and i loved it so much i got a back up bottle when they had a $2 sale

i love it for mani and pedi

Polished Girl said...

Hi peripatetic, yes thats my use them in a mani/pedi. They look so nice and as if the color is true to the bottle. I just signed-up for their email list so hopefully I'll be able to catch a sale also.