Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rimmel-Steel Grey Long

I've been talking/posting about how much I love the Rimmel polishes I purchased a couple weeks ago, that all my clients want to try them. I posted a short arcylic set last week with this same color, but I think the long acrylic set really shows the color best.

My client even made a comment about the brush on the Rimmel polish. She was amazed at how much faster I was able to polish her nails (two strokes) and how the brush covered her nails as oppossed to the thinner polish brushes.

I would recommend Rimmel polish for those that polish their own nails. You can really cover a lot more nail with the brush. Also, the first coat is very smooth, no streaks. Try it, you love it!

*This is Rimmel-Steel Grey*


ABOP said...

Yes! I finally used mine this week. I love the brushes in this set of Rimmel polishes. This one is such a gorgeous color!

rmcandlelight said...

It's very beautiful!! I love these type colors :)

Polished Girl said...

@Abop-Thank you.
Glad you like the brushes also. Now I want all polish brands to have them, lol.

@rm-Thank you.
Yes I like polishes where people just "have" to say something about it. Like what color is that or Who did that. This one is kinda taupy but w/a hint of dark lavender or eggplant, I guess?.

Darlene said...

This looks so nice! Now that I think about it...I dont have any Rimmel polishes lol hmmm....:)

Polished Girl said...

Thank you Darlene.
I don't think you'll be disappointed if you grab a couple Rimmel polishes. The selection/rage of colors aren't the best but I'm sure you'll see a few and then just wear those colors to death, lol. My CVS (drugstore) only had 5 polishes and they still haven't re-stocked. That's why I keep showing the same color. But on to the next......