Friday, July 9, 2010

Pure Ice-Pure Ice Love

This is the Pure Ice-Pure Ice Love polish that I purchased earlier this week. I was so happy with the other Pure Ice polishes I purchased/used that I had to grab another. Well, this one is disappointing! This polish was thick and gummy. Its a lovely shade of pink, however, the application was not good at all. So I don't know if I just had a bad bottle or if their lighter shades or just this pink is not good? Not sure if I'll be purchasing more Pure Ice.


rmcandlelight said...

If too thick add thinner. If streaky apply 2 thin coats let them dry in between then apply 3rd coat thick. Should even out the balled spots. It is a pretty pink though :)

Polished Girl said...

Oh yeah, thats the old nail tech techniques :-). I was giving my opinion on the application of the polish. Yes, it is a cute pink.