Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SeaSide Seafood

Sorry, I was so greedy! I took both pictures "After" I took a bite out of the food. My bestie, cousin and I went out for a late lunch today and they both reminded me to take the photos before I ate. Shame I was that greedy!
Today we went to SeaSide Seafood Restaurant. Its located in Downtown Birmingham at the corner of Merrill Street. Its a small quaint place with a large bar and nice outside seating. However, today it was 90 degrees and very sunny, so we ate inside. As usual great company, conversation and a beautiful day :-).
I had (my fav) crab cakes as an appetizer and whitefish stuffed with lobster along with asparagus and red skin potatoes as my entree. Delicious!


rmcandlelight *I'm wearing China Glaze Stella* said...

you eat some really good meals..No fast food for you huh. lol!

Polished Girl said...

What I love most is SEAFOOD. Ugh, I could eat it everyday (I think). So whenever I can get any/everyone to go seafood, I'm there.
Naw, don't to much likey likey the fast food. But I can always go for McDonalds french fries!

ABOP said...

It's lunchtime here, and you've got me salivating! Skipping lunch though b/c we have a coworkers baby shower today and I'm saving room for cake!

Polished Girl said...

Hey ABOP, lol gotta show you a little good food every now and then. Funny, I've never been a cake eater. I only like cheesecake. Baby shower cake always looks too cute and playful to eat.