Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nail Art Paints

Per request I took pictures of the waterbased art paints that I use. I use a multitude of brands and I took close pictures so you may refer to the brands. What ever you do, do not spend a lot of money of these. I paid $.44 or less for each one. Some where purchased at WalMart, Michaels and/or any fabric store.
When selecting your art paints go bright, or shimmery and bold. Remember, you want your designs to stand out from the polish. My suggestion is to select art paints in the same color family as the polish and then one off color. For example, if you paint your nails red then chose pink, fuschia, or lavender art paints. Then as your stand-out/off-color try yellow.
As a Thank You to my followers, once I hit 100 (followers), I plan to do a tutorial. And maybe let you in on a day of me being a nail tech. Also, I'm going to do a giveaway, polishes and art paints. So I'm watching my followers list.
Hope this post helped :-)


rmcandlelight *I'm wearing China Glaze Stella* said...

Again thank you so much for sharing. Yes, I will be checking for sales on these paints.

I have had my nail tech license for years but never worked in a shop. I can start practicing on myself and some friends before I decide to be a real nail tech. lol! I thought since I can't draw I wouldn't be good at nailart. lol!I can't wait to see a tutorial that would be great!! Oh and a give-a-way that too would be great!! :)

Polished Girl said...

No problem, I had no idea people would really be interested in "nails". So glad to find an audience.
I started out practicing on myself, my mom and other family members then strangers/clients. I still learn new things everyday.
Funny thing is, I cant draw either, but I can make lines and pick combinating colors pretty well and it just kind of works out. Once I get close to 100 followers I'll have to invest in a flip video. I think the experience will be fun, the tutorial. I may even "teach" myself something, lol.

Kitty said...

First, I love your nail art. You've inspired me to try this technique out, although I don't know how well my dominant hand will be painted, hehe.

Second, I can hardly believe what you use for paints! I have a whole tub of those same brands from various craft projects. I love them because they're so cheap and easy to mix up just the color you want. Thanks for providing this bit of info and I look forward to when you hit 100 followers!

Polished Girl said...

Thank you Kitty.
Yes, these are the actual paints I use and the price is the best part. I figured most people would have a few of these laying around somewhere.

When starting out, on your nail art, just go slow. Try straight lines at first, get comfortable w/the brush. The actual technique is in the "wrist". You use your wrist more so than your fingers, to make the squiggly lines.
*Also hold your brush exactly like you hold a writing pen*
If/when you post your trial, let me know. I'll be sure to take a look.
Good Luck ;-)

ABOP said...

Wow, I had no idea you used acrylic paints - and those bottles must last a long time! Hearing that you "can't draw" and yet make such beautiful designs is encouraging. My problem is that once I start concentrating too hard (and wanting perfection, of course) while using my left hand, it starts to tremble. (And I always say to myself - thank God I'm not a surgeon! Lol!)

Polished Girl said...

Lol,dont concentrate so hard ABOP. Remember its all about having fun! Yes, the crafts paints will last you for years. I haven't purchased one since 2005 and I'm still going strong.
*Side note* If your craft paint color(s) dry out, just add water. Or if you get a paint thats too watery, leave the cap off overnight.
And no I've never been able to draw, I still draw stick people, lol, but somehow I get the lines to act right :-), but I do have a steady hand.