Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gimme What You Got

This particular client has an event to go to and wanted to add a kick to her pink & white set (acylics), so she wanted her base colors to be black and white. I polished both ring fingers half black and half white polish. She then told me to "Gimme what you've got", so thats what I did. I gave her a multitude of colored nail art.

Thank you to everyone that has begun to follow and of course those that have left comments. I am so glad to have come across people that love nails, polish and designs as much as I do.

*If you guys would like to know more about nails, nail art, acylic, etc., just drop me an email ( and I'll try to do a post about it. Or if you would like to see a post of a particular kind or color combination, same thing, just let me know. Ttyl


Jen(ny) said...

So classy! Gorgeous!!

How many nail arts do you find yourself doing in a day?

Polished Girl said...

Hey Jen(ny), Thank You!
Its really hard to say how many nail arts I do a day, because it varies. But I will say that its very rare that I don't have a day that I dont do at least one. On average three-four though, just to take a guess.