Monday, May 17, 2010

Hunter Rain

Its dreary and rainy here today (ugh). However, that's a good excuse to bring out my old faithfuls. The Hunter Boots are new, but my Dooney&Burke is years old.
I took a close-up pic of the boots, hopefully you can see the "sparkle" detail. These aren't your plain ole blue boots. These babies SPARKLE :-)


April said...

Those are some beautiful rain boots! I won a pair from Sorel that I would never have bought for myself, but I LOVE them! You can see pictures here.

Polished Girl said...

Thanks April. I just got a glimpse of your rain boots. They're cute, never seen those before (I left a comment on your pg also). I need to start entering contests also. What a Great gift! Matching nail polish to boots, I'll have to remember that one.