Monday, May 10, 2010

1917 American Bistro

If you're looking for a new place to w dine then I found a spot for you.
1917 American Bistro is a great place to meet for lunch and they offer a nice variety of tasty dishes sure to please. Its refreshing, airy, lovely window seating perfect for people watching and showcases modern decor and artwork. The menu consists of Crab Cakes, Lamb Chops, NY Strip Steak, Catfish, Salmon, Salads and desserts. Another plus about this new eatery thats been open about seven months, is the Free WiFi.
It seems as though I wasn't the only one interested in this little diamond. I overheard four people stating that today was there first time dining with them. As there meals arrived and were devoured, I overheard that everything was delicious. I myself had the Crab Cakes as my appetizer and followed that with a fresh Chicken Caesar Salad. I must admit, I was impressed, as everything was very fresh and tasty.

While there, I noticed people coming in and out picking up carry-out orders. So this place is busy. The music played over the speakers was soft R&B and Jazz, featuring hits by Micheal Jackson, Aretha Franklin and Ashford & Simpson, just to name a few.

In closing, I'd advise everyone to try out the Bistro. It's a lovely addition to the make-over of the Livernois Avenue of Fashion. Parking is available on the street or the adjacent parking lot. However, the only downfall about this place is the long wait for someone to take your order and the additional (long) wait for your food and another long wait to receive your bill. The waitstaff is a little slow and that may come from inexperience. They all were young and this may have been their first "serving" job. But with a little more time I'm sure they'll become more timely. So if you're on your lunch break, make sure its extended.
1917 American Bistro
19410 Livernois, Detroit
Just west of Outer Drive

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