Monday, February 22, 2010

Essie...Cocktail Hour

Ok ok, I've been asked when was I going to post a pic of me wearing some nail polish, as I always post my clients. As much as I would like to change my polish daily or even weekly, I just don't have the time. Also, I'm always changing my clients polish ans mine has a tendency to rub off.
So to show you guys that I care & that I hear you, I've finally posted MY nails.
This is an Essie Polish called Cocktail Hour. I love the color as well as the name. I promise to post more picks of ME wearing polish. But don't expect it daily :-)
I do have a questions for my nail peeps. I just received my Konad kit, it did not come with any directions at all. How do I stamp, polish, or anything? Help a gal out.

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