Wednesday, January 27, 2010 longer the best

Well, well what do we have here?! EBay has already cornered the market by becoming the powerhouse selling machine, then they bought Paypal and require that you only use Paypal to recieve payment(s) when selling on EBay.
But there's more...

EBay is now the best at "LYING"!! EBay has purposely mis-informed its members by stating that there "purchased" items are only covered when they use Paypal thought EBay. But this is not true. When you use Paypal, it is already a "PROTECTED" purchase, it also is always secure. PERIOD!

EBay has found a way to make more money, in this struggling economy, they already charge fees for selling on their website, but they also charge again once your item is sold.
On top of that, now if you pay for an item on EBay using Paypal, they will hold your payment from the seller for 21 days. During this 21 days they receive $1.00 per person (millions of people) using EBay. Yes, you read that right!! EBay will receive an additional $1.00 x millions per 21 days they hold your funds.

So let's do the calculations: $1.00 x 10 million people= $10,000,000.00 every 21 days!

At a time when Haiti, New Orleans, Red Cross and numerous other Nations, States, Companies and people in general need money and help. EBay has found a way to get more money for themselves.

Can you imagine a seller, allowing you to borrow an item they sold you, for 21 days!! Wow, I would take advantage of that too. Then I would send the item back to the seller, since I've already used the item for 20 days, so that the seller wouldn't get paid, then get my monies refunded and finally, leave negative feedback for the seller as "DO NOT LIKE THE ITEM". That way the seller's account would be closed by EBay, then I would do it all again to the next seller!! Guess what?! That's exactly what' been happening since EBay bought Paypal. The new rules set by EBay, have allowed "buyers" to really get over.

At the end of the day EBay prospers by the interest incurred by holding the monies from the seller(s), an auction fee and a "Sold" fee.

Lastly, the buyer also prospers by getting everything they've always wanted and more.

Good Luck to EBay sellers, I wish you the best!

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