Monday, October 5, 2009

Kate Plus 9 minus 1= 8

In "random" news....Jon & Kate are still at it. Seems funny to me that when TLC decided to continue with the Jon & Kate Plus 8 series, but smoothly changed the name to Kate Plus 8, since divorce is impending, Jon has haulted to production of the show. His complaint is that the children are "Now" being exploited!! Jon has enjoyed mingling with the rich and famous, has taken lovely trips, had (young) women on his arm, and bought a shiney new motorcycle, all while Kate's been raising the children by herself. Now that the "Show must go on", and succeed without him, its a PROBLEM.
Get real Jon, you should have known that you were not the "star" in this series and that Kate, the powerhouse that she is, would continue with life, without you. She is very determined and she see's the opportunity to expand and pull 30 minutes out of the 15 minutes (of fame). Too bad that you didnt realize what you had, until it was not only gone, but moving right along without you.
Women, take note(s), this is a perfect example of how a man could care less of what's going on in your life (after a break-up) "Until" you are moving on, growing and keepin-it-moving without missing a beat.

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